• Large-scale sustainable agriculture in Africa

We bring together major companies, investors and stakeholders to create economically viable, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable agribusinesses.

Our Commitment

Better Return on Investment

Our large-scale agribusinesses create outstanding crop yields and reduction in ‘post harvest’ crop losses, plus measureable reductions in running costs such as energy usage & inputs consumption and ensure economical water usage.

Reduced Risk

ImpactAgri reduces risks to all parties involved.  For the offtaker, we manage security of supply, downgrading of produce or reneging on agreed prices or volumes. For input providers we avoid side-selling, ensure safe and appropriate use of products. Finally, our operations on the ground ensure we are able to understand and respond to stakeholder (including government) concerns.

Improved Sustainability

Sustainability is central to our business planning. We integrate sustainable livelihoods for workers, out-growers, smallholders and communities into each agricultural business design and implementation.  Managing the impacts and dependencies on natural capital (eg: water, soil resources) in the most sustainable way is a key element of our planning process.

Alignment with SDG’s

Most of our agribusinesses are aligned to contribute towards multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Our agribusinesses are attractive to investors and stakeholders focused on the SDG’s and provide a direct auditable and comparable link to social and environmental sustainability objectives for maximum impact.