ImpactAgri’s approach is based on a number of policies ensuring we pro-actively manage social, environmental, quality and governance issues. We use our  social and environment management system (based on the IFC performance standards) including processes for:

Integrated assessments

Integrated assessments to identify, avoid, mitigate and manage the environmental and social impacts, risks, and opportunities from our projects.

Managing environmental and social performance

Managing environmental and social performance throughout the life of our projects. This includes managing health, safety and security.

Community engagement

Community engagement through disclosure of project-related information and consultation with local communities on matters that directly affect them.  This includes particular consideration of gender issues, and vulnerable members of society.

Grievance mechanisms

Grievance mechanisms to address concerns from communities and other stakeholders.

Quality, phyto-sanitary, and food safety policy

We take a risk-based approach to the management of food safety.

Throughout our operations including crop production, storage and processing, we will maintain an environment where the risks of product contamination are minimized.  We will also ensure there is a detailed specification which is consistent with compositional and safety standards and good manufacturing practice. We will also satisfy that smallholders and other partners are able to produce the specified product, meet legal requirements and operate appropriate systems of process control. We will establish an maintain a risk-assessed programme for product examination, testing or analysis.  We will also monitor and act upon customer complaints. Our approach will be aligned with the BRC Standard for Food Safety and we will endeavor to be aligned with Global GAP Standards.